Gutter Guards

Gutter guard systems are put in place to stop leaves and other debris from building up in gutters and downspouts. This in turn restricts water drainage from the home’s roof. Gutters that are clogged can cause a back up of water under the material used to make the roof. This water can cause a lot of damage to the roof, ceilings, rafters, and installation, dependent of course on how much water gets into the house.

There are two primary kinds of such systems, and they are screen guards and solid guards. Screen guards have screens on them that prevent leaves from even entering the gutter. Solid guards, as the name implies, have a solid surface that pushes leaves away and a smaller channel for runoff water to come into the gutter.

In terms of installing gutter guards, it depends on which type of guard is used. Those guards that are dropped in are placed in the gutter; no tools are required to install them. Guards with snaps or clips can be pushed into place to grab onto the gutter’s outside edges. Guards with hinges are put in by screwing their edges to the fascia board or by clipping the gutter’s back edge. Guards with hinges lift up for effortless cleaning of small particles that have come in through the gutter’s system. When one is installing a gutter guard, a filter guard needs to be placed by the downspout. This reduces the amount of maintenance needed.

In terms of how to choose a gutter guard, they come in a profusion of widths. With this said, one needs to measure the channel’s width before he or she decides on the installation method of the gutter guard. The edge of existing gutter needs to be considered when one wishes to have clip or snap on gutter guards. This is since these kinds of guards may require a lip that is different, and it may not fit on a standard gutter.

Gutters need to be maintained and cleaned at least one time per year. This is since small debris can still end up in the gutter and clog the entire system, guard or not. One should inspect the guard and replace any sections that are damaged or not there when inspecting it.

Gutter guards are meant to stop leaves and debris in general from building up in downspouts and gutters. They prevent disastrous water damage from occurring in the process. Screen and solid guards are available. The type of guard that is used has to be taken into consideration when installing it, and the guards come in many widths as well. Gutter guards should be cleaned and maintained at least once a year.